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Your concern - my offer

Nothing fascinates me more than sharing my enthusiasm about the connections between health and natural sound with other people. 

Since childhood I have been in touch with the effect of natural sound on health and well-being. I myself, like many people, regenerate best in nature and when listening to music.

My body likes it when loudness and sound pressure do not stress it. My early contact with the subject of natural acoustics has become my vocation. An extensive knowledge of the connections between body cells and surrounding acoustics has become the most important content in my lectures.

In the future, you too can be one of the people who have been able to eavesdrop on nature's evolutionary principle of natural sound. If you work with people and use music, you will not be able to avoid this topic. 

Perhaps you are looking for a really exciting topic as part of your quality assurance? You will find all this in my entertaining lectures and workshops.

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